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Direct Support Platform For Our President Trump

In Country, God & President Trump We Trust

We the people are under attack

It is no longer just our President Trump that is continuously under attack by the left, ult-left, liberals, democrats, Republicans, deep state, media, Hollywood, Soros, Clintons, ISIS, Elitists and the list goes on. We are under attack daily and victims of a conspiracy to bring back/keep the corruption & swamp. The sad fact is that we are falling for it. This website is to alert you to the ways that we the people can fight back without hate and violence to support our President and give the violent attackers no platform or credence to continue their campaign of hate.

How To Fight Back & Win

The majority of you have social media & I see many POTUS supporters defending and arguing with the attackers. This is good, but unfortunately it is not focused and often it is helping the attackers more than helping POTUS.  What do I mean by this?

The attackers plan is to raise an issue that is false, they work in unison to push this narrative. We push back with our tweets and posts and spend the day arguing with them. This gives them fantastic ratings on social media, spreading their false narrative across all media platforms. It also distracts away from what is going on with them and the good things our POTUS is doing for our country.

How We Can Win

This website is free for you to use, I pay for it myself & all I want is to join you all in MAGA by defeating these violent, unpatriotic, terrorists of the USA.

  • We have the power to do this, just as we did when we voted for Donald Trump to be our President. We must do the following, not as a single individual, but as one Trump Army of supporters
  • When we see them pushing a false narrative we need to ignore them completely. We do not respond or share their tweets or posts. When one of them come onto any of our posts, we block them instantly. The same with fake news media, we do not view, share or comment on anything they say (With the exception of a couple that we know is not fake or bias such as FOX news). We block all of them. In doing this we cut off their voice, they will only be able to talk among themselves and we all know already, that none of them will ever change their support to us, so there will be no lose.
  • Every day we post all the past and present things that our POTUS has done for us. When we see our fellow Trump Army Supporters tweet or post, we, like and share every time. We use our hashtags to full effect and swamp the social media with only positive items.
  • We will use the #DevotedDragon on our profiles and posts, to show that we are a part of the team. The dragon will spit fire in the faces of these fascists and represent a person who will not stand or spread their lies and rhetoric and is devoted to their POTUS.
  • We will add everyone we see who supports POTUS so as we are all joined and not individuals with only a few followers, we will have thousands and if one of us is blocked by the bias social media, we will respond by following that person again in the thousands with their new account. We need to work as one to defeat and destroy these fascists.
  • Any reference to Antifa or BLM will be hash tagged as alt-left terrorists Antifa or BLM. The news media is of course Fake News, never by just their name.
  • On the tweets that our President (or any other member of his team or family) we will use the same tactics as what the paid ult-left use and comment at least 10 times on each tweet. Ignore, block and report any negative or abusive comments.
  • Stick together
  • Seeing as the GOP seems to be unable to stick together as movement to support out POTUS, we will need to do it for them, until we are able to vote these people out and vote in true and loyal members who will do as we the people voted them to do and support our POTUS and his/our agenda.

What is available on this website

  • This website is being built by myself and it is still new. I am open for suggestions and help in making it the ultimate tool for us to fight and win against these fascist that we face who are trying to destroy America and our vote. It is free for you to use!
  • There is a page for writing posts, you can add images and write as much as you want along with links. Once written you can share it to all your social media platforms. This gives you a more professional tweet/post, let’s you say more and stands out more.
  • If you are blocked by the bias social media platform, you will find a page where you can add your new profile name to alert our members who will quickly add you back to get your followers again. You will also find all your previous posts that you have done here that you can repost again.
  • There is a page where you can post your video’s that can be shared by all our members to get the word out about POTUS
  • You will find a page that will list all the things that POTUS has done for us and what he is working on now.  

Final Word

We have been attacked, abused, threatened, made silent and manipulated by these swamp creatures and their operatives. The time has come for us to raise up as one and fight back. Not with violence and threats like they have done, but with showing them that we are the MAJORITY and we will not be silent and listen only to their fake narratives.  If we can do this, we will win and will MAGA. This could be our first and only chance of taking our country back from these scumbags who seek to destroy America for their own personal gain and turning Americans against each other by holding them down and blaming other Americans for their woes in life.

May God help us to save our country from these people who seek to destroy and divide us by using fear and lies to turn us against our fellow Americans.

  • How you can be a part of this website
  • Simply join us for free and become a Devoted Dragon fighting for America for our POTUS
  • Give me your thoughts in what we can do to improve this website
  • If you have a talent for writing or any other skill that is useful, give me a few hours of your time to improve the website. (I am certain it can do with being written better)
  • If you have a business that is a supporter of POTUS, give me a small donation and I will put your business on the website.
  • You can also help by giving a small donation to help improve and run this website.